Olliver (New Zealand)

I always wanted my children exposed to learning music from a young age. At 5 1/2 Olliver was ready to have proper instruction and Gentle Guitar was a great way to get him started and interested in learning music.

We worked through the lessons with our instructor and Olliver was then able to carry on practicing at his own pace. He was so engaged he even started to teach his friends that came over for playdates. I love that Olliver was taught music in a simple, easy, effective manner without me rushing to get to a lesson. Skype works well and it is easy to learn with an excellent teacher. Thank you Gentle Guitar™ for starting off Olliver with music lessons. He is engaged, excited and loves to learn.

A fantastic programme, Skype lessons allowed me the ease of being on time every time without having to leave our home. The teaching was excellent and focused and a wonderful way to engage Olliver in learning. I would encourage it, it’s a wonderful way to expose a child to music in their own comfortable environment.

— Nikki (New Zealand)

Kyla (New Zealand)

We heard a parent from school mention Inga. We looked her up online and were impressed by everything we read and her style of teaching.

I liked that Inga was going to be teaching correct techniques and how to read music. Kyla had been learning in a group at school and didn’t seem to be progressing. Kyla was not being taught correct techniques or anything new from week to week. There was very little time actually working directly with the teacher. Kyla was very impressed that once she progressed with Inga she could start doing some songwriting. Kyla is now learning correct technique and also how to read music.

I would really recommend taking lessons with Inga. Kyla loves her lesson every week and has already learnt so much. She has fixed some bad habits that she had picked up from her previous lessons and made good progress with reading music. Inga expects the children to practise several times a week and Kyla now realises how important this is.

— Tara M. (New Zealand)

Jade (New Zealand)

We found about Inga and her classes through a friend who was highly impressed, and Jade has been now taking lessons for approximately 2 years.

We like Inga’s personality and her ability to relate to our daughter. We loved that Inga had so much to offer our daughter not just learning to play an instrument. Inga teaches our daughter to read music, write music, play an instrument, encourages our daughter to write her own songs and Inga helps her record her own music. Inga lives and breathes music, we loved her passion.

Inga’s life revolves around learning new things about music and teaching music of all types. Inga is so passionate about music and that is the type of teacher I want to have teaching my child, I highly recommend Gentle Guitar School to anyone whom is wanting to learn and love music.

— Kellie F. (New Zealand)

Elliot (New Zealand)

We found out about Gentle Guitar™ just by looking up a guitar coach on the internet and decided to go with Gentle Guitar because from the look of the website and what other students had said. It all seemed really positive. Gentle Guitar also was going to teach me some classical guitar which was what we were looking for.

I have been taking lessons with Inga for almost three years. I had guitar lessons with someone else before Inga but I stopped as I wanted to start learning more classical guitar. Gentle Guitar has improved my technique, my ear for music and my overall playing skills.

I enjoy Inga’s kind happy attitude that she always has and I would definitely encourage anyone looking for guitar lessons to take part in the course as it has so much to offer.

— Elliot (New Zealand)

Jesse (New Zealand)

We found the tuition by searching on the Internet and Jesse has been taking lessons ever since for exactly a year now. The method seemed thorough and structured, covering all important basics.

We decided to go for Skype tuition because it’s easy to attend the lessons as there is no travel which eases the load with the family. We are encouraged to practice the music together on our different instruments which makes it more motivating for Jesse. Gentle Guitar offers a free trial lesson so you have nothing to lose when trying it out. That is what we did and found it no different than being in the same room with a teacher.

— Shelley B. (New Zealand)

Luci (New Zealand)

We feel Luci has really progressed wonderfully. We are impressed that she can not only play songs, but read and write music. In Luci’s words she likes ‘learning new songs and being good at them’. I think this reflects the really good progression and attention Inga gives to her as a student. She knows how to balance the challenge and fun.

Inga is very passionate and professional and has made us feel very confident to have Luci learn with her. She relates really well to children.

— Samantha M. (New Zealand)

Amanda (New Zealand)

Amanda started with no experience playing the guitar. She now has good technique and is learning to read music. I like that Amanda gets a lot of encouragement from Inga. (I also like that Inga is going to get Amanda onto playing Taylor Swift music when she is ready as Amanda loves Taylor Swift 🙂

Gentle Guitar™ is a well rounded approach as students learn good techniques, and learn to read music along with a fun approach to practicing.

— Kylie F. (New Zealand)

Sarah (New Zealand)

By having one on one lessons with no distraction with anybody else makes it easier to learn guitar. Inga’s teaching has made me improve a lot, we go over things together which makes it easier for me to practice. I enjoy guitar with Inga because I play songs I enjoy and Inga is there to help me when I need her. I think that taking lessons with Inga will help anyone improve and reach higher levels to become one great guitar player.

— Sarah (Student)

Isabela (New Zealand)

Inga has a nice nature, is engaging with children, able to allow them to enjoy and learn simultaneously, and provides honest feedback on the children’s progress. I would recommend Gentle Guitar for private tuition for children especially as the teachers have a gentle manner and strike a great balance between learning and fun.

— Carmen V. (New Zealand)