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Questions About The Free Trial Lesson

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Must I commit to something when I reserve a trial lesson?

The free trial lesson is 100% no commitment. It’s designed to answer your questions about kids music tuition and give you a feel for what the lessons over Skype are like. If you’ve never tried an interactive live online lesson before, this is your chance to experience something new and see if it works for your family.

I'm a beginner adult, can I book a free trial lesson?

Yes, adults are welcome to try the tuition. The Gentle Guitar™ method is ideal for kids, teens and adult beginners who thrive with structure and a gentle and systematic approach to learning. If you are looking for a patient instructor who will not rush you and work with you at your pace, then you will benefit from our beginner tuition. Learn more about our Beginner Guitar Lessons for Adults.

Why Should My Child Learn On Skype When I Can Find A Local Teacher?

Finding a local teacher who uses a proven guitar method for kids, and who has special training and understanding of child-psychology is not easy. Unless you live in a large city, finding the right specialist near you is harder than you think. Skype lessons are also more convenient because they happen in your home. Many of our students find that Skype lessons with a specialist teacher work better than the local lessons they’ve tried. This is because of the teaching tools and the unique methodology that we’ve developed for teaching guitar to kids. Gentle Guitar™ is a revolutionary new methodology that is used and trusted by families around the world. Unless you try it, you won’t know how easy and effective a Skype lesson with the right teacher can be!

Can I reserve more than one trial lesson?

We can only schedule one free trial lesson per family, so consider a good time for your family before you book the trial. Once your lesson time has been confirmed, if a cancellation or reschedule request is submitted a lesson fee of $25 USD will be due prior to approving the new booking request.

Does my child need a guitar?

Kids ages 5 to 8 don’t need a guitar to try the lesson. We’ll go through a fun activity booklet introducing music theory and written notation. We’ll clap simple rhythm patterns, trace notes, and have fun learning together. Kids ages 8+ do need a guitar during the trial lesson.

I have two kids, can they share the trial lesson?

Yes, siblings are welcome to share the lesson as long as they are close in age. For example, a 9 year old and a 10 year old can share the same trial lesson. But a 5 year old and an 8 year old are at different stages of development and will each need a different teaching approach.

How much do the lessons cost?

Gentle Guitar™ private lessons with a live teacher on Skype start at $25 per week. You get to work with a trained specialist teacher, a proven guitar method for kids, and you and your child will receive lots of support and individualised attention.

Questions About Starting Guitar Lessons

Do you have a question not answered here? Send me a message at or book a free trial lesson and let’s talk live on Skype!