Tiama’s family had been very skeptical about Skype lessons at first, but they were surprised by how well it works and that the teacher is able to correct the child’s playing technique without problem.

Tiama (Finland)

I read an article about Gentle Guitar™ and it sounded like a great method to get inspired. The methodology of teaching children seemed different from just strumming chords.

We decided to try Skype lesson because of the convenience and the fact that we were struggling to find time for driving to a lesson. We’ve been pleased with the variety of activities and lessons. In spite of my skepticism, we have been fully converted. Skype lessons work amazingly well!

Tiama had been doing lessons at school for a year prior to us starting Gentle Guitar™. She enjoyed the guitar, but really did not like the lessons, she found them boring. Since starting with Gentle Guitar™, she has rediscovered her motivation and her skills have sky rocketed. Very pleased!

— Pia J. (Finland)