Amazing Program Where Guitar Lessons Are Done Via Skype

Do you have a child that would love to play guitar?
Maybe you are thinking you have no idea how to fit in running to one more lesson in your schedule?
I know the feeling, and I know that Gentle Guitar™ could be a solution for you!

A couple of years ago, we found Gentle Guitar™ and it is an amazing program where lessons are done via Skype. I love that I don’t have to load up all 5 of our kids and go sit in the car while one child is in a lesson.

I love that we get to do lessons from the comfort of our home. That means a 30 minute lesson, literally takes 30 minutes. No 20 minute drive time, 30 minute lesson, 20 minute drive time back home! It really saves me so much time and sanity!

Inga Hope is the creator of this program and she picked the perfect name. It really is such a gentle way of teaching guitar and my children have excelled with this method! Gentle Guitar™ has teachers in several different parts of the world, which is also great because the kids really enjoy learning from them!

I’ll be honest, I was a little apprehensive about how lessons would go via Skype but I was so pleasantly surprised when we had our first lesson. Inga was really observant even through a video to make sure she could see positioning and posture and she was very quick to make sure it was correct from the beginning. Our son now does lessons with Lance, while our daughter does lessons with Inga, and we adore them both. They are so encouraging and really tailor the lesson to each child, where there are, and what they need.

It is becoming a great outlet for them. Especially our older one, when he is stressed, he often goes to pick up his guitar! I also see it building their confidence and helping them to set goals to work through. It is strengthening their minds and their bodies and I know this is going to be an amazing tool for them to use for their emotional health for years to come!