Gentle Guitar™ Is The First Brand To Specialize In Online Guitar For Kids

Taylor, our sweet creative ten-year-old daughter, loves her guitar. Before we moved to Mexico some family friends in Kentucky gave her an old, beat-up guitar. When I was asked to review Gentle Guitar™ and try three free lessons, I jumped at it. Taylor loved her lessons and we would like to continue them. I encourage you to give them a try as well. If your kid loves guitar, he will love these music lessons.

Why Should I Use Gentle Guitar™? Gentle Guitar™ is taking the lead in offering online guitar lessons for children.

There are other companies that offer something similar for adults. But Gentle Guitar™ is going in a new direction and offering guitar tuition for children. They the first brand to specialize in online guitar for kids.

Here are a few things we liked about Gentle Guitar™ and I think you will find these points helpful as well:

  • With their live Skype lessons Taylor had her very own private tutor.
  • They worked with our schedule and we were able to pick a convenient time.
  • They give you printable workbooks to use during class and as homework.
  • The customer service is superb and communication is fast.
  • Pricing is very reasonable, with several curriculum options.

We have enjoyed our experience with Gentle Guitar™. We hope you will join us. Give your child the gift of music lessons and watch them glow!