The Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids

As parents and educators we try to give our children every opportunity to live a happy and successful life. One of the best ways is to introduce them to the gift of music, and not only are guitar lessons an ideal way to do that, they also provide many benefits. Aside from the well-known benefits such as improved reading and writing abilities, here are a few other examples:

Develop Concentration

Learning the guitar will help your child develop their concentration skills, due to having to focus on a specific task over extended periods of time. Developing concentration like this will also help them when they need to focus their attention in other educational subjects.

Improve Coordination

Practicing guitar has been shown to improve hand-eye coordination. Children develop important motor skills, similar to when they take part in certain sports activities. It’s just that the risk of injury is less when playing guitar!

Provide Relaxation

Music therapy is increasingly being used to complement more traditional forms of healing and medicine. Researchers acknowledge that certain types of music can have a calming effect, and aid relaxation by lowering heart rates. Played well, the sound of a guitar (especially one with nylon strings) can be exceptionally soothing.

Teach the value of Patience

To learn any musical instrument, children must develop patience and perseverance. This helps them in later life when they come to tackle other situations and challenges.

Boost Self-Confidence

By providing them with the opportunity to learn guitar, together with the encouragement of a good teacher and also you showing plenty of support, you can help your child develop a sense of pride as well as increasing their confidence. It’s widely believed that children who practice creativity and self-expression that goes with playing guitar often become better communicators and happier individuals.