Falling Asleep to classical music

Falling Asleep to Classical Music Playlists for Kids

Classical music helps encourage sleep

We all know there are occasions at bedtime when kids find it difficult to relax and doze off. Is there anything you can do to help them? Yes, there is.

There’s a wealth of advice available about how to encourage and facilitate a restful state of sleep. Some advice is based on scientific research, some on simple common sense.

In our Winter 2020 issue of the Music Ed magazine we’ve put together an article on how classical music can encourage sleep. We help you choose the best classical pieces to play for your child at bedtime, as well as offer advice on how to put together your own bedtime playlist.

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Gentle Guitar™’s Recommendations for Classical Sleep Music

Below you’ll find a Spotify playlist titled: Classical Music For Sleep that we’ve put together with young kids in mind. The playlist can even be used for adults or for winding down before bed or with a glass of wine after the kids have drifted off into a deep sleep.

In addition to the Spotify playlist below you’ll find our recommendations for a YouTube playlist. We didn’t create a YouTube playlist because of the commercials which can come on at any time during the music and disturb the peace and ambience we’re trying to create for bedtime. If you have a YouTube subscription feel free to use our suggestions to create your own bedtime playlist, or play any of these classical pieces as your child is heading to bed to wind-down and relax as a family.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your favorite relaxing classical music in the comments!

About Our Playlists

Many classical playlists for kids contain a lot of reverb and even synthetic instruments to make the music more “child friendly”. Our playlists use actual classical performances that are gentle yet expose kids to real classical music.

Our Spotify playlist starts out with two relaxing pieces to help your child feel soothed and happy. It’s all about going to sleep in a good mood. The first two pieces take away the stress of the day. Pieces 3 through 5 are good listening material for kids as well as adults. By listening to the melodies and the different instruments we help our brain defragment and fall into a deeper state of relaxation. The rest of the playlist features some of the most soothing and relaxing classical recordings carefully selected to encourage restful sleep.

Classical Music For Sleep (Spotify Playlist)

Spotify Playlist Link

Classical Music For Sleep on YouTube