Ode To Joy Guitar Notes With Letters

It’s no secret that young kids need age-appropriate learning materials.

A school teacher would not dare to give a 5-year-old the same reading book as she would give to a 12 year old! Have you noticed that most of the guitar method books for kids are written with standard notation? That’s like giving a 5 year old the same music book as a 12 year old. Standard notes are hard for young children. Just like kids need very large reading fonts, they also need very large music notation.

That is why our songbooks contain extra large notes with letter names written inside the note heads. Young kids love to learn to read standard notation when the material is presented in an age-appropriate format!

If you teach guitar to kids ages 5 to 8, you’ve just found the best resource on the web for large learner notation. Enjoy the free song, and check out our songbooks.

Kids Learn to play guitar notes with easy songs

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Taken from Gentle Guitar™ Songbook 1