Hello, I’m a test description?
1.Children should have chores and other responsibilities outside of school work
2.My child is often tapping to the beat of a song
3.My child finds it hard to leave an unfinished task.
4.Music is in your family, someone in your family line is a talented musician
5.My child is a perfectionist
6.My child is involved in many extracurricular activities. We do something different (almost) every day
7.I often find it quite hard to get my child’s attention, he/she doesn’t always listen.
8.I drive my child to many different activities, but I don’t get too involved into what my child is doing. I’m the kind of parent who cheers and chat’s to other parents at my child’s soccer games!
9.My child shows interest in many musical instruments
10.My child can’t focus on any one thing for too long, he/she gets easily distracted.
11.I prefer that my child does fever activities but delves deep into each one.
12.We’re are usually an organised family. Everything is mostly planned in advanced
13.I can get my child’s full attention and focus when I need it.
14.I spend a lot of time bonding and communicating with my child.
15.Setting boundaries is essential in order for a child to grow up into a discerning individual.
16.If I take my child to lessons/activities, I’m usually involved. I’m the kind of parent who ends up becoming the soccer coach for my child’s team!
17.We don’t have set routines, my child has a lot of freedom in deciding what ha/she will do in their day
18.My child has set routines, we usually know what we are doing from one day to the next
19.My child is making up melodies and songs
20.My child is often singing along or making up her own tunes when instrumental music is playing in the background
21.My child takes his/her time and usually does things (like writing her letters) very neatly
22.My child is an impatient learner. He/She easily gets bored and quickly moves on to new things that spark his/her attention
23.I want my child to learn several musical instruments at the same time
24.My child’s mood can easily be affected by music (Falling asleep to music, listening to music, getting excited by music etc.)
25.I love the idea that Gentle Guitar requires that the parent participates in the lessons if the child is under 12 years old