Step 4: Publish a Blog Post

Search engines love blog posts. And so do your readers! Many of our students find out about the tuition from a well-written blog post by one of our affiliate homeschool bloggers. A blog post is indexed by search engines and displayed to parents who are looking for a music curriculum for their homeschooled child. Write a good post, link it to at least one ​or more ​of ​your most heavily trafficked posts​/pages​ (​homepage, about page, ​main ​blog page, resources page, etc.)​, and you’ll steadily earn passive income over the long-run, while providing a service to fellow homeschoolers.​


Know the Offer

To write a good post, get familiar with what Gentle Guitar™ offers to homeschool families.

Gentle Guitar™ offers one free Skype trial lesson to kids ages 5 to 12 who must be accompanied by an adult.

Know the Product

The Gentle Guitar™ product is: Weekly guitar & music theory tuition taught by specialized teachers via Skype. Start by browsing our website and get a general feel for what we do. Then, if you have kids ages 5 to 12, you’re welcome to book a free trial lesson and experience for yourself what the tuition is like. If you don’t have kids ages 5 to 12, you can read reviews by other homeschool bloggers. Being familiar with the Gentle Guitar™ product will inspire you to write heartfelt copy that will prompt your readers to book a free trial lesson!


Writing your post

Your post can be:

  • A review
  • A product description
  • An inspiring endorsement that highlights the benefits of music tuition

What format and style you choose is up to you. The more compelling you make Gentle Guitar™ lessons to your readers, the more commission you’ll earn and the more kids will benefit from fun and professional music lessons!


Call to action

Encourage your readers to book a free trial lesson and send them to your referral url.

Blogger Reviews

For your inspiration… 10 homeschool bloggers review the Gentle Guitar™ lessons: