Step 3: Send an Email

Nothing inspires action like a personal email from a friend or someone you trust. Your readers look up to you, so why not send out an email with your affiliate link? Encourage homeschool families to enrich their curriculum with quality music lessons, and earn extra cash while sharing a valuable opportunity!


The Power of Email

Email is a sure way to earn commission right away. Every one of your readers who signs up for tuition adds $50 to your commission tab. If your mailing list has 5,000 subscribers, and only 0.5% sign up for Gentle Guitar™ tuition, you make $1,250 with one push of a button! If 2% sign up, you make $5000 from one well-written email promoting a product that parents and kids love!

Include this call to action in your email

Call to Action

Go to [insert your affiliate url] and sign up for a free trial lesson.

Sample Email

Use your creativity and marketing skills to craft an email that gets your readers to sign up for a free trial lesson! Here’s a sample email you can use for a starting point.

Dear Name,

Have you been looking for an effective homeschool music program? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking to add more variety to your homeschool?

Have you heard about Gentle Guitar? They offer music lessons to homeschool families around the world. The lessons are taught over Skype so it’s super easy, affordable and convenient to get fun and professional music lessons!

Many families, just like yours, are already using Gentle Guitar as part of their homeschooling. Here’s what one Denver homeschool mom had to say about the lessons for her 9 year old son:

"We heard about Gentle Guitar from a homeschool blogger and have been taking lessons for about two months. It's super convenient to take lessons at home since we are a homeschool family.  The first lesson was free so there wasn't any risk and now it adds a music curriculum into our homeschool day.   Plus, it has really enhanced my own desire to play guitar since I'm sitting right next to my son during his lessons. Sometimes, I think I enjoy the lessons just as much as he does!

Our teacher is very good with my son and we learn so much in a 1/2 hour lesson.  She makes the lesson easy to understand.  She is very thorough, and explains herself so we are on the same page.  But honestly, the convenience of doing the lesson in our own home - rain or shine - is awesome.

Guitar lessons via Skype are amazingly well done with this program.  Our teacher is GREAT at seeing and making sure Josh has his fingers on the right strings, is sitting in the correct position to play, is paying attention, etc.  Things don't get "lost in translation" as you fear while doing a lesson via Skype. 

If you're not sure, just try the free lesson.  I didn't commit to anything until AFTER the first trial lesson was completed and I'd had time to talk with my husband about it.  There is zero pressure and I loved that."  - Evita K.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, head over to the Gentle Guitar homepage (Insert your affiliate link) and read more about their program, as well as browse testimonials from other parents and watch student videos. And if you like what you see, be sure to sign up for a free, no obligation, trial lesson! 

I hope the above has been helpful for you. Feel free to forward this email to other homeschoolers who might benefit from this information.