Tuition Policy

Effective September 1st, 2017


Your information and content is strictly confidential and is never shared with a third party, or publicly, without your verbal or written consent.

The student’s musical work that is created through and in association with Gentle Guitar™ is © copyright property of Gentle Guitar™. (This doesn’t mean we have the right to exhibit your child’s work without your written or verbal permission, it just means that when we do showcase the student’s work, we are in compliance with international copyright laws.) Once we have your verbal or written acknowledgement to showcase a piece of work, we assume that you give us permission to showcase the work publicly through the available channels (our website, social media, and other promotional sources such as magazines, blogs etc.).

Call Recording

Upon enrolment with Gentle Guitar™, the Skype lessons are occasionally recorded for teacher-training purposes. By enrolling you acknowledge that the recorded lessons may be viewed by teachers in training. The recorded lessons are stored in a secure password protected database. If you would like to be exempt from this general policy, please notify your teacher.

Payment Method

Tuition is payed online, through PayPal, once a month (in USD) and is automatically converted to your country’s currency when you pay the electronic invoice. You will receive a monthly payment reminder by email. Fees are due by the first lesson of each month.

Late Payments Fees

The fees are invoiced at least 7 days prior to the start of the new month, and are due at the first lesson of the new month. The administration of fees and scheduling are done in the main office, not by the teacher. When a payment is delayed, a 10% late payment fee is incurred on the next invoice. Please be sure that all due fees are paid by the first lesson of each new month or inform us of a new payment date to prevent late fees.

Cancellations, Lateness & Rescheduling

The tuition is pre-paid for a block of 4-5 lessons each month. Missed lessons, cancellations, and late arrivals within the pre-paid block of lessons are charged at full lesson price.

Lessons must be attended at the assigned time or paid for. There are no “make-up lessons” or “lesson credits” for missed lessons.

We offer a professional service and our teachers work full-time delivering the Gentle Guitar™ curriculum via pre-determined schedules, just like a private school. A private school doesn’t issue a tuition refund or offer additional tuition for missed or sick days, and that’s the way we operate too. Our teachers are paid for the hours they are scheduled. If a student misses a lesson, the teacher still has to be paid because their time is booked in advance, one month at a time.

Vacations & Extended Absences

The tuition will not be adjusted or prorated for absence if a student is away for several weeks (excluding scheduled summer and winter holidays as outlined below).

If you plan to be away, you can do one of the following:

  • Pay the tuition fees to keep your time slot during your absence
  • Cancel the tuition 4 weeks prior to your absence and enrol again upon your return. This may mean that you will lose your time slot, but you will get top priority for getting back in with your teacher.

Winter & Summer Holidays

Some teachers will choose to take Winter and Summer holidays. Your teacher will notify you in a advance to let you know when he or she will be on holiday. You can also notify your teacher of any planned holidays. You will not be charged for absences during scheduled winter and summer holidays. You can schedule time away (and still keep your spot without having to pay for lessons) by notifying your teacher in advance about your plans during the following months :

  • Winter Holiday Months: December / January
  • Summer Holiday Months: June / July / August

Major International Holidays

There are no lessons at Easter, or on Thanksgiving, Independence Day, and during major international holidays.

Family Member Absences

Multiple students from the same family are not entitled to lesson swap or time extension for one child when the other is absent.

When students from the same family take lessons, an absence by one does not automatically entitle the other to the absent child’s lesson time. We schedule back-to-back lesson times as a convenience for the family. Teachers plan for 30-minute lessons, longer lessons would be counterproductive and tire out the child in attendance. We always aim to deliver what’s best for the child!

Tuition Cancellation

Minimum 4 weeks tuition cancellation notice is required, or a cancellation fee of $50. If a student must stop lessons mid month, no refunds are issued for the remaining lessons.

Teacher Absences

A substitute teacher, a lesson credit or a make-up lesson will be offered for unavoidable teacher absences.

Thank you for working with our policy and for choosing Gentle Guitar™

This policy allows us to operate efficiently and offer internationally competitive prices for consistently high quality private tuition.