Maddie L.
Gentle Guitar™ Teacher

Maddie lives in New Zealand

Maddie began learning guitar in 2007. In 2011 Maddie began studying classical guitar with Inga, the founder of Gentle Guitar school. She whizzed through the Gentle Guitar™ method, with Inga as her teacher, and a few years later was transferred to work with a Montreal-based classical guitar master. While furthering her guitar education on a world-class level via Skype, Maddie expressed an interest in teaching the guitar and began a teacher-training apprenticeship with Inga where she taught the Gentle Guitar™ method to local students under Inga’s guidance. Maddie has been teaching since 2014 and has taught the Gentle Guitar™ program independently since 2015 both face-to-face and via Skype.

Facts About Maddie

Maddie lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is attending University. Maddie teaches guitar about 10 hours a week with about 20 regular students in her schedule.

Other fun facts you may like to know about Maddie:

  • Maddie knows pi up to 32 decimal places.
  • Maddie enjoys reading, art and composing music on both guitar and piano.
  • Maddie loves to travel.
  • Maddie enjoys both learning and teaching others and believes that passing on knowledge is a great thing, no matter which end of it you’re on.
  • In her free time Maddie does orienteering.