Inga Hope
Headteacher / Founder / CEO

Inga lives in Denmark

Inga is a professional and fully-trained guitar teacher who successfully completed a two-year teacher-training apprenticeship with a private mentor. In 2009 she opened her own guitar teaching studio in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. By 2013 Inga had not only opened a further 3 private guitar studios around Auckland, but also written the Gentle Guitar™ method for kids and beginners. Inga went from being a solo private teacher to running an international online business. Inga is the Headteacher and CEO at Gentle Guitar™.

Inga as the Headteacher

The Headteacher is also the curriculum specialist and teacher-trainer. The Headteacher’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the training and certification of new teachers.
  • Supervising the quality and consistency of all the lessons taught by Gentle Guitar™ teachers.
  • Revising and improving the curriculum based on student and teacher feedback.
  • Welcoming and introducing new students to Gentle Guitar™ via the Free Trial Lesson

Inga as the Founder & CEO

Gentle Guitar™ is a fast-growing international company. As the founder and CEO Inga’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the daily operations and managing the growth of Gentle Guitar™.
  • Ensuring that the tuition is affordable and of the highest quality.
  • Ensuring that Gentle Guitar™ offers new exciting music programs and opportunities to kids around the world.
  • Positioning Gentle Guitar™ as the world’s specialist in professional online guitar tuition for kids and beginners.

Facts About Inga

Nine months out of the year Inga lives with her husband on a remote Danish homestead surrounded by fields and forest where she runs her company, develops new music programs and trains teachers 100% online. The other three months Inga travels to Auckland, New Zealand, where she recruits new teachers to join the Gentle Guitar™ team.

Other little things that you may like to know about Inga:

  • Inga loves the natural sustainable lifestyle and when she’s not working she maintains a large kitchen garden full of edible greens, microgreens, herbs, and seasonal vegetables.
  • When not working on Gentle Guitar™ or gardening, Inga enjoys writing songs and playing guitar. Visit Inga’s personal music website.
  • Through Gentle Guitar™ Inga is creating the school of her dreams. The kind of music and songwriting education for kids and teens that she wishes she could have had as a child. Gentle Guitar™ is a place where young lives are enriched with high quality modern and classical music, songwriting, composition and song-recording opportunities.
  • Her favourite food is freshly picked greens and berries from her garden
  • Her favorite adventures are sailing and road trips.

Inga knew that she was on to something when her lessons gained popularity in New Zealand!